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In the initial content identification exercise, the academic should have thought about any additional content not available in the current course module. In most cases they will need to use existing content but break it down into digestible learning chunks. This will inevitably take longer than you plan for and must include frequent dialogue between content creator and academic. Simply reusing existing resources available on a VLE or website does not add value to the learner experience. Users will quickly realise they can circumvent the AR by visiting the resource page direct.

AR should offer something unique, building on existing resources. Sometimes adding additional resources may offer a more personalised learning experience. Short videos introducing the primary content can provide a foundation for further research and encourage critical thinking, identifying points of interest, without mapping out a prescribed learner journey. A note of caution; underestimate development time at your peril. Preparation, recording and editing can take considerable time and effort often involving two or more members of staff, so be sure to set achievable goals.
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