What are the AR tool considerations?

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AR Tools

  • There are a number of AR mobile specific tools that assist in the compatibility and delivery of secondary resources via an AR channel. The SCARLET project utilised the Junaio 3D Model Encrypter, taking existing 3D content and preparing it for use in Junaio.
  • Another tool used to create tracking images from image files is available at http://www.junaio.com/develop/tools/


  • Many AR browsers offer the option of hosting content on their servers. For the SCARLET project we took the decision to host on internal servers which allowed easier customisation. A server running Apache and the latest version of PHP was required to enable the SCARLET outputs to work effectively. It is worth having initial discussions with technical administrators so they can advise on server setup and back-end technologies required for AR outputs.


  • If, as part of content creation you wish to include video, production and editing software is necessary. There is a range of software available ranging from basic low cost options such as iMovie or Windows Movie maker to advanced tools including special effects such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro or Cinema 4D.
  • Free 3D modelling software is available for an entry level user, these include Blender and SketchUp (Pro version is available to educational institutions.)
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