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Self-completion survey:

Before the course actually started to meet regularly, we felt that it was key to gauge the students' abilities and understanding of Augmented Reality and mobile technologies. We learned that most students are aware of AR, although few really understand what it actually is. To that end, an initial survey helps to determine the amount of training and demonstrating of the app would later be required.

* Considerations:

    • Agree the most appropriate format for the survey (paper-based or electronic) dependent on the audience and situation
    • Be careful to create good open-ended questions
    • Include a mixture of open and closed questions. Closed questions are easier to answer and provide more structured data but open questions may provide more detailed responses
    • Split questions which have multiple subjects into simpler questions
    • Create questions which encourage students to participate
    • Plan design carefully to ensure ease of use and maximum survey completion rate
    • Aim for shorter surveys to increase response rate
    • Create clear, unambiguous questions and clear instructions

* Risks to consider:

    • Too few students participate
    • Data is irrelevant or incomplete
    • Questions did not encourage engagement, i.e., students simply answered “yes” or “no” without explanation, can’t prompt or probe
    • Surveys generally provide lower response rates
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